Baby Update #7: 34 Weeks – What’s In A Name?

I’ve officially hit the “growth spurt” part of pregnancy — where every week I think “I don’t think I could get any bigger.” and then every week I do.


It’s definitely blowing my mind that it’s been 3 weeks since I did my last “baby update.” It helps that I’ve been really busy at work and haven’t had much down time on the weekend. I hope this keeps up!


See a difference? I do — but maybe I’m crazy?

My biggest complaints right now are Braxton Hicks, hiccups (the baby’s not mine), and sleep. Braxton Hicks contractions have really kicked in (I’ve had them since before 20 weeks, but they are now more frequent and becoming more uncomfortable), so that’s fun. The hiccups are just annoying. Especially because I KNOW they continue after the baby is born. Anything more annoying than the baby waking itself with hiccups? And sleep…well, it just hasn’t been great lately. I’ve had a hard time going to sleep and then a hard time staying asleep. It hurts to roll over and then it doesn’t help that a certain 4-year old keeps trying to sneak into our bed in the middle of the night.


Big, bigger, biggest!

My appetite has really decreased – which doesn’t surprise me. My stomach is all squished up between my liver and the baby! Similarly, my bladder is probably the size of a pea now because I swear I have pee every 15 minutes. I play this game during the day called “Drink or not drink?” If I drink too much then I pretty much just need to move my cube into the bathroom. If I don’t drink enough, I get Braxton Hicks contractions. There’s a very fine line.

It sounds like I am whining, but I am still feeling great. I’m waddling, but I can do a seriously fast waddle. I’m still working out and if anything those workout make me feel even better. My carpal tunnel is still there, but it’s feeling a lot better. I’ve only been wearing my brace to work out. I don’t have any noticeable swelling or any hip or back pain, the baby isn’t up under my ribs – so no rib pain, and while I’ll get hit with heartburn every now and then, it’s very mild. I do feel mildly nauseous pretty much all day long, but I’ll take that over back/rib/pelvic pain any day of the week.

My biggest concerns don’t really feel like concerns anymore. Maybe I’m just diving more and more into denial? I don’t know if it’s the calm before the storm, but I feel better this week and I haven’t done much of anything. I’m in the process of setting up maternity/family pictures (thanks to Jackie and Victoria for the recommendation!)  and I’m hoping to get as much done as possible with the baby’s room this weekend. This means hanging up clothes, organize the closet, putting the crib together, and rearranging the furniture. I’m on the hunt for some cute wall canvas art — like this:

canvas art

I might just wait though until we actually know if the baby is a boy or a girl.

No, now my focus and (medium) stress has now shifted to a few things that are undecided: names.

It is just me or do names get harder and harder to pick? With B – we knew by probably 22 weeks that we wanted to call him Braeden. The spelling was up in the air (and truthfully, I wish we had gone with the simpler spelling), but the name was very much set.

With L, we narrowed it down to two names: Madeline (pronounced Mad-eh-line — NOT Mad-eh-lynn) and Olivia. We decided to “wait and see” what she looked like when she was born to name her and when she was born we were stumped. I was leaning more towards Madeline, but then the nurse said something that steered me the other way — “Oh, Mad-eh-lynn — what a sweet name.” We already dealt with everyone and their brother calling B anything BUT his name (Brandon, Braylon, Brendan were heard the most frequently) and I didn’t want the same for 2nd kid. Lesson learned. So Olivia it was (I call her Livie – hence the L).

This time, we are pretty much set on a boy name…


Actually,  it the same boy name we picked out for L: Evan (and we have a backup name in case it feels wrong), but the girl name is challenging us again (maybe it’s just girl names?). We do have a list but nothing is screaming at us. How important is this name thing anyway? MY top choices? (Doesn’t mean that they are Dan approved) Violet, Lila, and Isla. His top choice? Penelope (he also keeps spouting off Hunger Games names when I ask, so he’s helpful). *Sigh*

So, that’s where I’m at. Only 6-7 weeks and counting. Crazy to think that in just 3 weeks I’ll be full term. Where has this pregnancy gone??

What’s YOUR favorite baby name (boy or girl)? HELP ME!!


  1. What about Viola? I came across the name doing family tree stuff today. It’s kind of like a cross between Violet & Lila. I’ve found lots of great names while doing our family trees. My favorite so far is Mina.

  2. Awww…I wanted Evan with both my boys!! Love it (and was obviously overruled!). :) my girl name list I never used were Kate, Alison and Rachel. Yours and Dans are very pretty, I like Lila a lot (but does it sound too much like Livie?). Good luck!!!

    • Why are men so picky? Ha ha. I have thought about Lila being too close to Livie, which is why Violet is currently my #1. But then, I still think this is a boy (maybe wishful thinking?) and we won’t need to worry about it!!

  3. I wish I could help you out on names, but eh: I got nothing. Sorry, friend.

    I’m glad you’re doing maternity pics. Can’t wait to see them!
    Victoria recently posted..ZKS Winter Park Road Race Recap

    • It’s OK – I’m sure anything you’d suggest Dan would veto. Lol.

      I’m excited to get them done!! I’ve actually taken pictures with my past pregnancies, but by friends who were just starting out and not an established photographer (one of them is an awesome photographer now – she just live in NC!). I figure this IS my last hurrah!

  4. I actually really like Evan for a girl. And I know that it’s really trendy right now (maybe too much), but I really like Harper too. I kind of like the whole boyish names for girls thing apparently.
    Lee recently posted..Overzealous with the Produce

    • Harper is another name that was vetoed by Dan. Come to think of it – he’s vetoed a lot of names! Ha ha. I do like Evan as a girl too, but I don’t know if I can sell it. That would be easy though!

  5. Oh I can’t help you. Everyone usually hates the names I come up with. (Bless my child when I have one). I love the name Zimmie. I know I know but it was my great grand mothers name and I think it is super cute and very different. I also like the name Samantha (call her Sam) and Maiddie (not Mad-de, Maid- de)
    Melissa recently posted..A Toast and a Tour

    • You definitely have different names!! I don’t hate them, I just don’t think they fit my family! I have a friend with a Samantha – definitely a pretty name.

  6. Okay, I have to throw some other ideas out there. I love Julia. Also like Rachel and Erica.

  7. Is it weird that I’m not even remotely close to having a kid (don’t even have a boyfriend) and I have my kids names picked out? I like the name Violet for a little girl. It’s really cute. For a boy, I like the name Noah. I really like the name Evan too.
    Ara recently posted..Swimming Drills

  8. Addison was going to be Madeline (or Madison) too!! Strange strange. Funny cause I can’t imagine her with either of those names now, Addison fits her well. Girls names I like Elise, Kate and Avery… i’m not good with boy names, if we had another I’d like to use the grandpa’s names for his name so David Gerald.
    Tara @ recently posted..Races, races, races

  9. I remember Dan liked Penelope last time. It reminds me of Club Dread when the guy pronounced it PEEN-A-LOPE. LOL. So funny. And Lila reminds me of Dexter! I don’t think I hear that name too often. Liking Evan too.
    Paula @ Eat: Watch: Run recently posted..By the Numbers

    • Yes – he’s always liked Penelope! I have never been sold – but I do like the nickname Penny.

      I forgot about Lila on Dexter (almost wrote Sexter – ha ha).

  10. I love coming up with baby names. I love all of your choices! Definitely go with Lila over Lily … only because there seem to be a lot of Lilys right now in E’s school. Have you noticed that all your girl names have that “IL” sound in it? You could add Shiloh or Riley to the list.
    Jackie @ MomJovi recently posted..Winter Park Road Race 2013

    • I wish I love the baby name game. Ha. I know of at least 3 Lily’s born in the past 3 years – so year it’s popular!! It’s kinda funny because when I was pregnant with Livie Kate kept calling her Lily (because she knew I wasn’t ever going to use that name!).

      Not a fan of Shiloh (also – my cousin is Shylah), but I do like Riley. Another one Dan is not crazy about, of course!

  11. The name i had picked out for a boy was Jack and we also loved Lauren for a girl. Seems kind of classic to me. We loved the name Ella since i was pregnant with Sophie so it was only natural we chose it. I’m sure whatever name you pick will be lovely!
    Leah recently posted..Monday workout– incline intervals

    • We really liked Jackson with Braeden – nn Jack – but it’s SOOO popular here (surprisingly Olivia and Braeden are not!). I love Ella – so cute, but the initials wouldn’t work. Boo! And Lauren is my cousin’s daughter’s name – but I do love it.

  12. Good day Michelle you look so cute its going to be a boy trust me go with Shane be good

  13. Maryellen says:

    Love the names you’ve chosen so far!! You do know that Norm’s grandson is Evan!! Lila is very close to Livi!! but like the sound of the name!! Just wait.. when you’re yelling at one of the them.. and all names roll off your tongue.. and scatter through your brain till you get the name to that person right!! LOL.. Also, I love the name Violet.. reminds me of pretty flowers! What you and Dan chose.. it will be beautiful! I remember when you called and told me about “Olivia”…LOL.. I was
    stunned.. its a beautiful name .. hence a beautiful child! My favorite name was Chloe.. but you dad didn’t like that name!! but then I had AJ.. and Angelina was for Ben!! Also like Isabella! sounds classic!! Hope that these last few weeks for by quickly.. you sound very uncomfortable!! Love ya!

    • Yep – I know Norm’s grandson is Evan – but since it’s been our name for like 5 years now, we’re sticking with it (and it’s not like we are related, lol).

      Oh, when I yell Livie’s name – I yell Olivia. So no confusion there. Lol.

      Isabella was the girl name for Braeden, but it’s waaay too popular now.

    • I like Chloe! But Isabella is becoming too popular.

  14. Oh wow, you are “all belly” – how lucky – when I get pregnant, I hope to look as good as you do! I like the name choices you’ve picked out. Some of my favorites? Ellen, Nora, Dahlia, Madison, Orla, Quincy, Fallon, Rose…
    Kelly @ Leafy Not Beefy recently posted..Yogi Clothing Review + Giveaway

    • Thank you – I am VERY lucky when it comes to pregnancy!!

      I love Dahlia – and Rose is really pretty too (we’ve considered it for a middle name!).

  15. I love Violet. Awe, sweet little Violet :) I love Ben and Macy for names. Always have. I also used to like Aiden for a boy, but that’s super close to Braeden, so probably not the best choice. ;) I think you should just go with Michael or Jennifer. Nice 80s throwback.
    Melissa recently posted..Fixing My Form

    • Or Melissa!! (Did anyone ever call you Michelle? When people mess up my name they always call me Melissa!)

      I do like Aiden too – and Hayden. Why does these names all need to rhyme?

      I *think* I might have convinced Dan that if it’s a girl she should be Violet. Of course now I can’t stop thinking, “You’re turning Violet, Violet!” but I do love it.

  16. You most definitely do look bigger! And I’m no help on names…I don’t even have a backup for our baby! (And everyone apparently hated our girl name…quite a few people have already told us they were relieved when we found out it’s a boy!)

  17. We already had our kid’s names picked out (though Jack was not changed to Jackson until the day we found out he was a boy) so we never really got to come up with a list, except to find a girl name for Jackson (it was Emily – this was before we were really calling Ellie Ellie but we knew that would be her nickname – NOt sure what I was thinking with Ellie and Emily)

    I love the M girl names – Madeline, Mackenzie, Madison – Mackenzie being my favorite, though growing up I always thought I would have a Madeline. I love Samantha as well – but I had a gerbil with that name (the first animal I ever got to name) so I nixed that – But I love the nn of Sam or Sammie for a girl.
    jesseybell recently posted..Good blood work

    • I really, really tried for Mackenzie for Livie – but it was 100% vetoed. Now it’s super popular here, so I’m kinda glad it didn’t work out (surprisingly Olivia is not!).

  18. Ah getting so close! I think Lila is a really cute name. I like names you can shorten but I also love names that are cute and simple. I was so glad my husband and I agreed on a boy name and a girl name before we even found out what we were having. This was quite a task because we definitely have different taste in names! I’m sure whatever you pick will suit him or her perfectly. I’m excited to see what you’re going to have!
    Carissa Dukes recently posted..Impatient – The ups and downs

    • You are even closer than me!! Any day now (I’m sure it’s driving you nuts!)

      I’m definitely getting to the point where I REALLY want to know if it’s a boy or a girl. It would really help with this whole naming thing!

  19. I love all those names! We chose Wyatt for our son, it was mainly because it was the only boy name we both loved. There are other boy names we really liked (Cooper & Jackson), but good friends already stole those names from us, haha. My husband’s friend has 3 kids and I LOVE all their names… Cooper, Lila and Penelope.
    Natalie @Will Jog For Food recently posted..Yup, That’s a French Fry

    • Wyatt is really cute! I also love Jackson.

      Do your friends call their daughter Penny? I think Livie and Penny would go well together – but I’m still not sold Penelope!

  20. I swear too that girl’s names are ALWAYS harder!! We had a boy’s name picked out before were were even married, but when I was actually pregnant, we only decided on a girl’s name the week before she was born. And that’s the kicker…of course we ended up having a girl (we didn’t find out during pregnancy)!! We should get down to the nitty gritty on why it’s so hard to choose a girl’s name.

    Oh, and about mispronunciation…feel your little boy’s pain. We named our girl Nia (pronounced: NEE-ah) and when people see it WRITTEN, they say “Ny-ah” and when I SAY it, they think it’s “Mia” – she’s pretty much doomed for life! haha
    char eats greens recently to push through a long run

    • I love your daughter’s name (and have always thought it should be pronounced Nee-ya, so I’m glad I’m right!). Braeden is pretty good now about saying “NO, that’s not my name” although lately he’s been asking us if we can call him Brady (which is ironically, the nickname I was going to call him – but it never felt right!)

      I really think this baby is a boy BUT the fact that we can’t decide on a girl name is making me doubt myself!!

  21. My friend named her baby Isla and I immediately wished I could have had it for myself! At least for a middle name, since I LOVE the name we have picked. I also love Cora, the name of another friend’s baby (my friends have good ideas!).

    Madeline Olivia was actually one of our choices a while back but I couldn’t decide how to spell Madeline and was also worried about the pronunciation. :)
    Jen recently posted..Belly touchers

    • We obviously have similar taste in names :) If we had gone with Madeline, Olivia would have been the middle name – even if that meant her initials were MOW. Lol.

      I really, really love Isla. I keep wavering between that and Violet. I guess the good news is that I like something. She won’t (and can’t!) leave the hospital without a name!

      • Good taste! I love Violet, too. I like that for a middle name for us but my husband got to pick the middle name (since we went with my first choice for first name; his pick was Olivia) and he really loves the name he picked out so we’re going with that.

        Def better to have too many choices than none! We had just one boy name we could agree on (Noah) so we would have had a name but I like my girl name much better. :)
        Jen recently posted..Belly touchers

  22. You look adorable and are all belly. I really like both your names. Violet is a really pretty girls name. Picking names is really hard. We are lucky that we have had a boy and a girl name picked out and agreed upon since well before kids were really an option.

    I am a little worried that we will meet the baby and the name will feel wrong. Good luck with the next few weeks. I can’t wait to see your maternity photos. I am still on the fence about having them done, especially since I don’t really feel like having my picture taken right now.
    Heather recently posted..32

    • Thank you! Picking names IS hard. I’m curious what your name choices are – but I’ll be patient :)

      To be honest, Olivia didn’t really feel like an Olivia but now I can’t imagine her as anything else. If it feels wrong, you’ll know the right name (and you also won’t be able to leave the hospital until you pick the name, lol).

      I booked my pictures with Andi Mans — I love her style! And I always think people should get maternity shots done — but I think of it as a memory for such a short time in your life. Plus, I love showing the kids the pictures — like “this is you!”

  23. We had a girl name right away but never agreed on a boy’s name, good thing we didn’t need one! Besides the name we picked, Ophelia, my other favorite girl names were: Lydia and Deena, for a boy I liked Philip or Christian (hubby hated both).
    Jen recently posted..Early morning workout fuel & Healthy Cookie Recipe

    • Ophelia! Another Shakespearean name (I am a little obsessed). Love it! Phillip has grown on me lately – but I think that’s because of The Americans.

  24. Isla is a beautiful name. My first girl, when and if I have her, will be Mercedes, like in “The Count of Monte Cristo”.

    I was never a big fan of boys names, so we went to the family tree for our son. My father-in-law did a bunch of genealogy back in the day and the firstborn son of every generation back to the 1600′s was named Jared. The tradition stopped around the turn of the 19th century, so we decided to pick it up again!
    Emily recently posted..New Themes: Full Frame and Ryu

    • I love names from literature!

      So fun that you picked up a family tradition from the 1600s! Dan’s is a descendant of the Mayflower and his family uses the name “Bradford” (after William Bradford) often for middle names. I love traditions like that.

  25. julie16750 says:

    I like all three girl names you picked, especially Violet. We already have a Violet in our circle of friends so it was vetoed quickly. Penelope is cute but since Kourtney Kardashian used it, I don’t like it anymore, LOL. Men are no help with it comes to thinking of names, they just like to veto the ones we like. It’s very frustrating!

    • I am RIGHT THERE with you on the stupid Kardashians using Penelope! I was kinda on board because it’s also Tina Fey’s daughter’s name — and I AM half Greek, so it would be somewhat fitting, but then Kourtney kinda screwed it up. Still love the nickname Penny though…

      And yeah men are just no help on the names. Why do they even get a say?

  26. Caydence always got the hiccups right after I’d eat. Always. It was like clockwork. She didn’t really get them after she was born though. Maybe I just got lucky!

  27. Evelyn – I just heard of a baby that was named that a week ago, but haven’t heard of one in 100 years. Sounds nice with Olivia.

  28. Girl names are SO hard! Hubs and I talk future kids names all the time. We have had boy names picked out for YEARS but girls are rough!! Haha it sounds like you have a great start on it though! Those names are adorable!!
    Stacie recently posted..Five for Friday

  29. I like Violet and Lila.

    Hmm…Harper, Georgia, Vivian, Savannah.

    Arden needs a sister so I can have a Harper or a Georgia. ;)

    • Somebody definitely needs a Harper because it was vetoed by Dan. Boo! So you guys need to get crackin’!

      I don’t think I could do Georgia or Savannah – only because I’m still a displaced northerner at heart. The idea of using “Mae” as a middle name (which is one we are throwing around) is pushing it!

  30. Oh, and Caroline (LINE). Good match for Olivia.

  31. You look fantastic, Michelle! Getting so close… I’ll be excited to hear what name you end up going with. :)
    Laura @ Mommy Run Fast recently posted..March Favorite Reads and Shares

  32. Denise P. says:

    I look forward to figuring out names with my FH. He told me he wants to pick our boys name based on a river or city in Italy. (We are both Italian.) The other day he tells me if we have a girl we should name her Padma. Huh? I vetoed that right away.

    But I found all kinds of (Italian) girl names I like based on the meaning- Gemma = jewel; Viviana = life; Adrina = happiness


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