In Survival Mode *Yawn*


I’m still in survival mode here. Every day is different — as is every night. One thing is for sure though, this guy likes to eat… A lot. He weighed in at 10lbs 9oz at Tuesdays 2-week checkup. Really they just want babies to be back to their birthweight at this point, so he’s an [...]

Things Lately


I’ve kind of lost track of what day it is… how is it possible that it’s already Memorial Day Weekend?? 1. Things here have been pretty low key. I’ve mostly been sitting on the couch with a baby hanging off my boob. A few times this week I’ve managed to shower, get dressed, and put [...]

The Entitlement of a Drug-Free Birth


I’m not going to sugarcoat it. Giving birth is painful. I don’t care what anyone says, or what kind of birth you have – there’s no way to avoid the pain. It’s part of the tradeoff that women make to hold a beautiful baby in their arms. A baby who knows you from your voice [...]

Lots of Evan and Other Updates


I hate to be that person who, once they have a baby, ONLY posts pictures of their baby. Everywhere. But, yeah, I’m totally being that person — ┬áTHIS WEEK. Once I come off of my newborn high, I promise to tone it down a little. Here are a few fun shots of Mr. E that [...]

Evan’s Birth Story {or How to Have The Unplanned Drug-Free Birth You Never Wanted}


Thank you all for all of the sweetest messages, comments, and tweets about Evan’s birth!! I am overwhelmed by the love and support and working on replying to all of you That said – this post is not for people who don’t want to know about childbirth. I really didn’t hold back on the details, [...]