Weekend Ups and Downs

Happy Due Date week to me!

This weekend was  definitely full of ups and downs… and by that I mean my hormones. They are off the wall.

It started on Friday. My once intern, Cheyanne, was graduating from UCF…


So we celebrated with shots of Patron in the office (obviously, I had MANY shots) and then a bunch of us went to The Tilted Kilt for happy hour.


I had never been to the Tilted Kilt before, but the food was surprisingly good (for bar food) and the drink prices weren’t bad either. The downside was that I left wanting to get a boob job.

Unfortunately, I drank too much (unsweetened tea) while I was there – which resulted in a really uncomfortable night. I even tried to go to bed early, but my bladder and my uterus were in a fight all night long. This resulted in, quite possibly, the crankiest Saturday morning ever. The rain did not help. Nor did L’s temper tantrums.

Thankfully (even though I’m paying good money for it), B’s baseball game was cancelled due to flooded fields, which gave me time to work out.


After 25 minutes of walking and 25 minutes on the elliptical my mood started to shift. Working out is really the best! After lunch and naps (45 minutes for me, 2 hours for the kids — they must have been exhausted!) I felt like a new woman.

Oddly enough the rest of the night (and weekend for the most part), I was in a pretty good mood. I was SO over being pregnant that morning and then something shifted into “I’m OK being pregnant for another week.” (Remind me of this later this week when I am overdue!)

Yesterday we took it easy in the morning. We were out of coffee – so we made a breakfast trip up to Starbucks. This picture pretty much sums us up…


I snuck in a mid-morning catnap (I was really attempting to read and I guess I fell asleep!) and then we all headed to the gym after lunch. I walked for 30 minutes and did 20 minutes on the elliptical while I waited for Dan to finish up his spin class (I miss spin, but not the pain). I felt like my hips were going to pop off after walking. Is that a good sign?

After quick showers, we headed over to my dad’s for a visit. The kids swam in the pool while my dad and I got attacked my Love Bugs and watched the surfers in the ocean. The waves were pretty rough and it was high tide so we skipped going down to the beach. It was definitely a gorgeous day though!



We got home around 10 and just crashed. Maybe it was the beach air, but I actually feel incredibly well rested today. Sure I made my 900 trips to the bathroom last night, but this is probably the best I’ve felt in weeks (of course, I’m jinxing it just by saying it!). 

I know there are quite a few people rooting for me to have this baby tomorrow… in which case I say,” Bring on the Labor!!” In mind though, I have at least another week. It’s doable.

And because it has nothing to do with me weekend or anything else posted above – I’ll close out this post with my new favorite artwork from my favorite first grader.


Seriously, how can I be in a bad mood after seeing this? <3 <3 <3

What is making you happy this week?? 


  1. LOL, on the boob job. I feel like that after breastfeeding two kids. I feel like my boobs look aborigine. Love that drawing, I miss teaching.
    Adriana @Laced Up With Lipstick recently posted..Athleta Swagger Skort: Photos and Thoughts

    • Seriously — when I’m not pregnant/nursing my boobs are like two pancakes flapping in the wind!! I am not opposed to getting a boob job – maybe for my 40th birthday. I figure I’ve EARNED them!!

  2. Awwww, that pic B drew is so precious! You need to save this for HIS college graduation!

    Hang in there, mama. I can’t imagine how uncomfortable you must be, but at least you look fantastic. That’s got to count for something, yes?
    Melissa recently posted..Life and Stuff

    • I definitely need to save it (it’s currently on the fridge). I can only hope he never loses his sweetness (even if it’s just a tiny part!).

      I am definitely hanging in and hanging out. Seriously, if it were my choice I would walk around without clothes on 24/7. Probably NOT ideal for work though, huh? :)

  3. Good morning Michelle maybe one more week i can”t see your knees lol oh well take care.

  4. Hello! Just wanted to stop in and say hi and good luck with the end of the road! Your attitude is great :) I’m so happy to see it.
    Michelle recently posted..Boston

  5. That picture your son drew is absolutely precious!
    Kristen recently posted..Health update and a Kona Kase review

    • Just wait! I love, love, love this age. This age is definitely one of my favorites so far. I will miss it when the sweetness is completely gone (hopefully not any time soon!).

  6. Sounds like you had a really nice weekend!

    Haha that picture of you with the bottle is too funny :)
    Jan @ Sprouts n Squats recently posted..Marvelous in My Mondays #7

  7. That picture is adorable :) That beach looks nice – where is it? We hit up Melbourne beach today…the weather was perfect!
    Danielle K recently posted..Weekend Recap: Family, Spa, and Blueberries

    • It’s Indian Harbour Beach — just north of Melbourne! My dad moved there a couple of years ago. It’s really such an awesome time of year to go to the beach :)

  8. I love the baby bump B drew in that picture! Well, the whole thing is cute…but that’s the cutest…and how tiny he made L compared to everyone else.

    Hope the end of your pregnancy isn’t too uncomfortable — at least you have a very specific end date (that is getting closer and closer) if things don’t happen naturally! Every day I wonder “Am I going to see a post/tweet from Michelle? Or is she finally having that baby??”
    Theresa recently posted..What I’m Doing: 27 Weeks

    • I love the bump too — and it seriously cracks me up that L has no hair!

      Well, you’re in my phone – so you will most likely get a text before a FB/Twitter update :) That said – I did wonder the same thing about my neighbor just last week (she was due the 18th and ended up having her baby on the 1st). The anticipation was killing me!!

      I’m actually not too uncomfortable for the most part. This is least painful pregnancy out of the 3, oddly enough. I just wish my bladder was bigger at night!

      • I’m already getting up 2, usually 3 times a night. I can only imagine how much worse its going to get! …yet I cant bear the thought of not having any liquids in the evening/before bed so I’m probably making it harder on myself.

        And that’s insane about your neighbor! That’s a TON of extra pregnant days!
        Theresa recently posted..What I’m Doing: 27 Weeks

  9. julie16750 says:

    Did you go overdue with B &/or L? Did you go into labor or get induced? I’m feeling nothing over here and wondering if I’m doomed for another induction.

    • I was induced with both — 2 days early with B because they asked, it was July, I was DONE and didn’t know any better) and 8 days late with L because that’s as long as they would let me go. This time is weird b/c with both of them I was walking around at 3cm for weeks — and this time I’m maybe a cm? I know it’s nothing in the grand scheme of things, but I do think I had successful inductions because I had already made some progress on my own. This time I feel like I’m just having stupid contractions for nothing!! Hopefully you won’t have to be induced again. It’s not the end of the world – but man pitocin SUCKS!!

      • julie16750 says:

        Oh, wow. Yeah, I felt robbed of the whole “labor experience” by being induced. I was only about 50% effaced on the day of induction 40w5d. I go in tomorrow to get checked and I will honestly be surprised if anything is going on in there. I think I’ve gotten my hopes up too much of this time being different. The plus side to induction is arranging the child care issue beforehand versus scrambling to see who’s house I can drop the kidlet at!

        • I went in today and I’m pretty much the same so my induction is scheduled for next week (the 15th). I probably could have pushed it further, but I already think this is going to be a big baby and I actually feel much calmer just having an end date. As of right now I’m going in the night before for “ripening” (I’m like a tomato!) which I’ve never had to do before. Did you do that? So weird that I have to do for the THIRD BABY. You’d think my cervix would be ready for the party already. I’m still going to try out acupuncture this time to see if it helps anything. My Dr. was intrigued and said it was worth a shot.

          I do agree on scheduling childcare. It makes it SO much easier. People keep asking us who is going to watch the kids if I go into labor and our response continues to be – who knows? Someone will – who needs details?

          • julie16750 says:

            I did do that. I didn’t do it the night before though. I checked in at 8am I got the cerivdil and I had to spend 6 hours awake and on my feet (to let gravity help) at the hospital. They told me that they might have to do that process up to 3x if it doesn’t work. Luckily it did after the first time. I got dialated to a 2 and was about 70% so they started pitocin at 3pm, water broke on it’s own at 6:30, started pushing at 8 had him at 8:44.
            Hope the acupuncture works!

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