Baby Update #10: 40 Weeks – Happy Due Date!

Guess what today is?? It’s my due date!! The big 4-0 (weeks) is here… and I’m still pregnant.


Yeah, I’m not surprised about this. There tends to be a pattern when it comes to labor/delivery and unfortunately, I am on the 40w+ side of things. I guess my uterus is just super comfy. Or something. I’m actually more surprised at how fast these past weeks and months have just flown by. Is it REALLY May 8th??


This is actually the last comparison photo I can do with all 3 babies… B was born 2 days before his due date (I opted for an induction – mainly because I didn’t know any better). L was born 8 days past my due date (although, due dates are a tricky thing, I personally felt I was only 4 days past my due date with L, my Dr. office didn’t necessarily agree).


B was a full pound smaller than L… so what does this mean for this kid??

I had my 40 week appointment yesterday and there’s still nothing going on. Which I find REALLY bizarre! I was somewhat dilated and effaced with both kids for a few weeks before going into my inductions. You’d think being my 3rd baby that my cervix would be ready to party — but apparently, it just wants to be stubborn. Let’s get crackin’ Mr. Cervix.

BUT, the good news is this will be my LAST pregnancy update! I decided to go ahead and schedule my induction for next week. I’ll be going in Tuesday night and starting Pitocin on Wednesday morning.


I can’t wait to be “ripened” — like an avocado??

I probably could have pushed my Dr. to let me go longer, but for whatever reason this just feels right. It feels like a huge weight off my shoulders and 90lbs lighter to have a date and a plan (especially when you have two other kids to worry about!). The Dr. delivering isn’t MY Dr., but it’s one of the other ones in the practice that I really like and that helps. Plus, I still have a week to go into labor on my own. I have a chiropractor appointment today and I’m currently trying to schedule an acupressure/acupuncture appointment with the massage therapist sometime between now and next Monday.

The most exciting part is that in less than one week — I AM GOING TO HAVE A BABY!

How I’m feeling…

Really great, actually! At least today. Yesterday, I had contractions for about 5-6 hours. They finally fizzled out before bed. At one point they were 4-5 minutes apart. I knew they weren’t “it” because they weren’t taking my breath away and I could talk through them, but they were more painful than my typical Braxton Hicks contractions. Who knows what was going on. At least they didn’t keep me up all night. In fact, I got another pretty good night of sleep last night. Maybe my idea of “good sleep” is skewed? Whatever the reason, I’ll take it!

I think my good mood is also due to having a few things tentatively planned for this weekend — including dinner with this girl, seeing The Great Gatsby, dressing L up for dance pictures (I can’t wait to see how cute her class is going to look!), and hey there — it’s Mother’s Day! Like I said yesterday – staying busy is the best thing I can do.

And now for the sappy, hormonal part… I just wanted to say a huge thank you to everyone who has stuck with me and followed along with my pregnancy! I’m not the first woman in the world to have a baby — or even document it, but appreciate the input, the cheers, and the support these past 40 weeks.


From weeks 12 to 40… my how I have grown!

I have loved sharing my pregnancy — the good AND the bad and I hope you continue to follow along as I try to figure out how to balance life with THREE kids (yikes!). Hopefully with lots and lots of running!

Melissa says:

You are adorable! I have loved getting the chance to follow you through this journey and can’t wait to see pictures of him/ her SOON!
Melissa recently posted..Weeknight Meal and a Pen Pal

  • Good luck next week (or maybe before) – You know what they say, 3 kids is the new 2 kids… I got three and I happen to love it! :)
    Susi recently posted..What do friends and sunsets have in common? {(Not so) Wordless Wednesday}

    • Thanks Susi!! I love that you love having 3 kids. I’ve heard so many mixed things about how challenging/stressful it is. I don’t doubt our decision to have a 3rd at all, but I’m hoping for an easy(ish) transition!

  • I feel like you are just such a natural at this pregnancy & mothering thing :) and you have one if the best preggo bellies I’ve ever seen. Enjoy these last few days as a family of 4!
    Holly recently posted..Pin It!

    • I am a natural at everything but giving birth! Lol. Kidding. Thank you for your kind words! I definitely wasn’t a natural with my first baby — it’s amazing how much you can learn over time.

  • YAY! Love the photo montage!

    Good luck with the, er, ripening . . .
    Melissa recently posted..Peanut Butter Protein Smoothie

  • I think you’ve been my favorite pregnant blogger yet! You just seem so relaxed, low key and confident about the whole process & to us first-timers, that’s very comforting! I can’t get over that 12-40 week montage. Your body is insane! (In a good way!) And it’s crazy how different everyone’s pregnant body looks…I don’t think I’m even as round as your 18 week pic yet & I’m coming up on 28! Can’t wait to see how the next week(ish) goes — maybe third time will be the charm & you’ll go into labor naturally…despite no “progress” being made yet. If not, we’ll all be waiting on Wednesday!!
    Theresa recently posted..What I’m Doing: 27 Weeks

    • Aww you’re so sweet! I was not so low key and confident with Braeden, believe me!! I have learned a lot in the past 7 years (and still have so much to learn!). One of those things is that you just can’t plan on anything.

      Isn’t wild how we all carry so differently? I sometimes wish my torso was longer like yours. Ultimately it all feels the same in the end – but it seems like it would be more comfortable. Lol!!

  • How cute are you…all belly! It worries me, I mean if I was around you I’d be holding a catcher’s mitt haha ;) I can’t wait to see your little bundle and I’m sure you’re ready to meet this baby too!
    Kat recently posted..#OnAQuest for clean eats!

    • Thank you!!

      Ha the best part of being overdue is being able to tell people that you’re overdue and they really do act like you’re going to birth the baby right there. Seriously, they (mostly men!) are horrified. I am truly surprised this kid isn’t just falling out of me. Gravity is so not working in my favor!!

  • Glad to hear you are feeling really good :)

    So interesting to see how your belly has grown from week 12 to week 40!
    Jan @ Sprouts n Squats recently posted..Broccoli, Cauliflower & Tuna Cheesy Bake

  • Congrats on making it to 40 weeks! As a reader, it feels like your pregnancy has sped by, but I am sure it doesn’t actually feel that way when you’re the one pregnant. LOL

    Best of luck with your new little one’s arrival, and I can’t wait to see some new squishy baby pictures on the blog soon!
    Diane @ DixieJulep recently posted..Toddler Vacation Survival Guide

  • I’m the same as you. My due dates came and then went. I hate all the days after the due date. Every minute I would scrutinize every possible little kick or discomfort. Maybe this is it? Or maybe THIS is it?! Nope.

    • You’re braver than me though because I think you waited it out, didn’t you? I am really not expecting to go into labor ever on my own… I so want it to happen, but my body just doesn’t want too. Waaaaah!

  • I’ve loved following you too – pretty fun. I found you through a link for pbfingers when you were 24 weeks and I was 20 weeks. We have a lot in common – I’m 34, a long-time runner, married with two kids almost 3 and 6, working full-time, and baby due early June. I just don’t blog:> I don’t know how you have the energy to do all that you do! Thanks for being funny, honest, and inspiring at the same time:> It’s nice to hear the same experiences like the funny looks at the gym, delaying getting the nursery ready, making special family time happen…wishing you all the best!

    • Congrats on your upcoming arrival and thanks for following along! We do have a lot in common. Have you started thinking “Wait, why I am doing this?” like me too?? Ha ha. Good luck with your last month of pregnancy — I can only HOPE that you end up having the baby early and aren’t overdue like me!! Oh, and thanks for the sweet compliments. Seriously, this comment made my day!

  • You look adorable and it is fun to get a sneak peak at what is coming up. You also gave me some tips and thing to tuck away for when I am going crazy in about 11 weeks.

    Good luck on the whole birthing thing. I hope that it goes smoothly. Enjoy that last few days as a family of 4.
    Heather recently posted..Baby Update – 28 Weeks

    • Thank you! And yes you will definitely be here soon enough!

      I hope the birthing thing goes smoothly as well. Hoping for the best, expecting well…anything!

  • OMG! I haven’t had the chance o read blogs in a few weeks and I came here FULLY EXPECTING you to have cute pictures of a squishy newborn all over the place. At least you’re the cutest pregnant woman ever. You should send Kim K some tips.

    • No this cute, squishy newborn is still crammed up inside of me. Although, I do think it makes me look cuter- so thank you :)

      Kim just needs to start wearing stuff where we can see all of her limbs and none of her other junk!

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