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I’ve kind of lost track of what day it is… how is it possible that it’s already Memorial Day Weekend??

1. Things here have been pretty low key. I’ve mostly been sitting on the couch with a baby hanging off my boob. A few times this week I’ve managed to shower, get dressed, and put some makeup on. It’s the little things!

Newborn snuggles


Evan is growing like a weed. I love seeing his little personality shine through, but I also don’t want this phase to go by so fast! This is probably all hormones talking, but it during this time I understand how the Duggars have 19 kids. Don’t worry, I will NOT be having 19 kids. Or anymore.

And because I will find any excuse to post pictures of him… here are the many expressions of Evan:







I shall call him Squishy and he will be mine... And he shall be my Squishy.

I’m just a little bit obsessed with him…

2. I went to lunch with Paula and a few other friends on Wednesday and she told me that when she comes to my blog she feels like I only have one kid these days. Rest assure, I have not given the other two away…




Although, I’m questioning this one. Anyone want a 4-year old?? (kidding.) Seriously though, she’s trying us hardcore.


They’ve (thankfully) just been busy with school, birthday parties, the park and fighting over getting to hold the baby…

Morning snuggles in bed with Lulu.


We have also been getting lots of family walks in…


Saturday should be interesting because it will be the first time I’m with all three of them by myself. *Hold me*

People have asked me how they are doing with the baby and for the most part they are doing pretty good. B is really great with him and can hold him on his lap without assistance and L loves to wake him up and give him kisses.  Truthfully, I’m impressed because he’s pretty boring right now. The important thing is that they both love him. It helps that Dan has really been focusing on them, while I focus on E.

3. You really forget about sleep deprivation with a newborn until you experience it again. Wow I’m tired. Evan actually isn’t too bad with sleep, so I can’t complain. He wakes up to eat every 2-2.5 hours (sometimes the first stretch will be 3-3.5 hours) and he goes back to sleep without a fuss. But a lack of sleep is still a lack of sleep. Especially since I went into this on a deficit. <–bad idea.

4. I really don’t look forward to menopause for one reason: HOT FLASHES.

I have been waking up in pools of sweat. You’d think that I’d remember this side effect of postpartum hormones, but I really don’t remember experiencing this before. It’s intense.


That said, while my hormones have definitely been all over the place, but I haven’t been experiencing the baby blues as hard as previously. Maybe it’s just part of that whole “easier recovery” thing. Whatever it is, I’ll take it!

5. I’m not planning on doing any kind of body after baby posts (although I might do some “return to running after baby” posts) — but I will share with you my one-week postpartum pictures – taken on Monday.



I have no shame in how scary I look here…

I’m not really sure how much weight I’ve lost, but I wouldn’t be surprised if I was only up about 10lbs, maybe less. Most of my pants fit (even though I’m living in leggings, Pjs, and dresses!) but none of my shirts do thanks to the my newly acquired girls. I’m pretty happy with how my body is bouncing back. I did wonder if it would be different this time because I’m older and the baby was definitely bigger (i.e., my skin was stretched out so much further!) – but it seems to be the same as the other two. I’d LIKE to think this is because I had a healthy and active pregnancy!

Overall, I feel really good, although every now and then I’ll have some more afterbirth pains (FOR THE LOVE when will they end??) so I know my body is still trying to get back to normal and I need to take it easy. It’s hard because I feel great most days and then my body gives me a little reminder that I truly did JUST have a baby!

6. Although I’m nowhere close to working out again, I am staging my return. My postpartum Dr. appt is scheduled for June 25th – which just happens to be the day before my birthday. Maybe I’ll get a little run in FOR my birthday?? I definitely need new shoes – so I’m eyeing another pair of Brooks PureConnect for weights/speed work and the new Mizuno Wave Sayonara (which don’t come out until July) for my long runs (when I get there!).

 pureconnect2 WaveSayonara

Despite the fact that the thought of running again terrifies me, I am ready to get back into it! It’s weird to think that at that point it will be almost 6 months since my last (real) run. That’s a long time!

8. So obviously things are really, really baby centric here, but I’m slowly making a return to “normal” — or at least trying to figure out what the “new normal” is! I can only hope Evan remains this calm (people tell me that 3rd babies usually are – anyone else find this to be true??) because he’s definitely making the transition easy so far (although I still wonder – where does my day go?).

9. Could I ramble on any more?

Since I probably won’t be posting again until later next week — I hope everyone has a great Memorial Day Weekend!

I want to hoooooold him. When will this damn cold go away so I can come see him? So stinking cute. And as for L, you may recall but in the months right after E’s 4th birthday she was a HOLY TERROR. So at least you don’t have to feel guilty about the baby; I really think they go through something hormonally then.

OK, since my head is so stuffy and full and I can’t even think right now, that’s all I got. So glad to see you enjoying it all. Soak him in!
Jackie @ MomJovi recently posted..I Partied A Lot, Then Got Sick

  • 1. That is a cute baby.
    2. That is a sassy 4 year old. I will take her.
    3. Your 1 week postpartum is how I look when I eat a big lunch.
    Melissa recently posted..Training Update

  • Darn you – those pictures of B & L holding E made me cry! They’re just so stinking cute!
    That picture of L in the pink boots is too much! And made me think of my dad…I would always wear my hair in two pig-tail-braids when we visited him (divorced parents) because he once told me he thought it looked cute like that. I must have done it even through grade-school!
    And, I remember you mentioning that you thought E looked so much like L when he was born, but I swear I see a lot of B in there too! Maybe it’s just because he’s a little older now & less newborn/alien looking? Regardless, he’s absolutely adorable. Cant’ wait to meet him!
    Theresa recently posted..What I’m Doing: 27 Weeks

  • It was so fun to see you and meet Evan earlier this week. :) question about one of your pictures above…is that an Ergo you have him in? If it is, do you have an infant insert in there too? We have an ergo, but haven’t tried M in it yet.

    • It was good hanging out with you too! We’ll have to do it again next week. I’ll text you to see when you are free! Maybe our boys will be awake this time. Lol.

      And yes, that’s an Ergo. No infant insert though! I read that you really don’t need the insert if they have decent head strength – which I know E and M both have. It took me 9 years to figure out how to get into it – but once I did I was actual able to make dinner without putting E down. Woo-hoo! He slept, so I’d say he was a fan :)

  • You look great! And I love all of E’s adorable faces. Glad B & L are doing well, too. I love reading what you’re up to so I at least kind of have an idea what to expect – though I know of course that every baby/recovery is different, and I don’t already have two other kids. :)
    Jen recently posted..Things not to say to a pregnant lady

  • Thanks for sharing! B and L are doting cuties!! E is doing so great.. I think he looks like Dan…with dark hair!! He is growing so fast! I can’t wait to meet up with him and the others on Monday!! See you then! Love Hugs to All My Cuties!!

  • Those brooks shoes look great, I’m now eyeing off a pair myself.

    Evan is so precious, love all the photos of his expressions :)

    I’ve never had kids but I’m scared of the sleep deprivation that I know would come with it. I know you would get used to it but I think I would be pretty grumpy to be around.
    Jan @ Sprouts n Squats recently posted..Peanut Flour – My new obsession

  • You are doing awesome!!!! I was a mess at this point!!! Tell me your secret plus hang in there you know sleep will come again…. In 18 years? Lol. We are at teething!

    • Ugh teething. Do they REALLY have to have teeth?

      I was a mess with Braeden. Really, it’s the subsequent babies that make you realize you are a better parent than you ever thought!

      sleep will come again and sooner than 18 years, I promise. My kids (minus Evan) sleep 10-12 hours a night. I swear it’s possible!

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