In Survival Mode *Yawn*

I’m still in survival mode here. Every day is different — as is every night. One thing is for sure though, this guy likes to eat…


A lot.

He weighed in at 10lbs 9oz at Tuesdays 2-week checkup. Really they just want babies to be back to their birthweight at this point, so he’s an overachiever. has good reviews on Tickets in Austin, TA for Andrew Ripp, Emblem3, Gordon Lightfoot, Craig Ferguson at Austin Tickets in Stubbs BBQ, and Paramount Theatre.


He doesn't want to get up. Who can blame him??

Look at those cheeks!

I’m not going to lie, this part is hard. The nights especially since E is waking up every 2 hours (sometimes more) to eat. While he eats for 15-30 minutes and then immediately goes back to sleep (after a quick diaper change) , it’s the actual waking part that’s hard. *Yawn*


However, I can’t complain. He’s an incredibly sweet boy – and while he’s fussy here and there, he can always be soothed with a boob, paci, or some sweet snuggling.

There are some things getting me (and Evan) through these first few weeks…




Some days I drink fully caffeinated, some days I drink half caff. Today is a half caff day. Yesterday, was not.

Motherlove Nipple Cream

Yes, nipple cream. When you have a baby latched on your nipple 20 times a day this is important stuff. I am allergic to lanolin (wool) and everything else has lanolin in it.

motherloveAnd now you guys are thinking about my nipples. You’re welcome.


Thanks lady.


Yes, really, cabbage. I’m actually done with the cabbage now (THANK GOD), but this was a lifesaver after my milk came in and the first week following. WHY? I get extremely engorged and cabbage has an enzyme in it that helps reduce the swelling and open blood vessels to decrease congestion.


Seriously dude. Don’t mock me. It works.

Rock n Play

I am borrowing this from a friend, but where has it been all my life??!! Evan naps in this during the day – and sleeps in it at night. We’ve tried the co-sleeper, but he was fussy – and the last thing you need is a fussy baby at 3am. My neighbor, Meg, mentioned that her son was sleeping in it (he’s 10 days older than E!) and I thought why am I not trying this?



E now has 3: an elephant, a giraffe, and a turtle.


He loves them. Obviously.

Ultimate Swaddling Blankets


All 3 of my kids have loved these blankets. They are awesome for swaddling – but are also awesome blankets as they get older. Especially for travel! I’ve tried the Miracle Blanket, I’ve tried other Swaddling Blankets — and I always go back to this one. Bonus: it’s big enough so they can’t escape. See…


Medela Freestyle

I’ve already established that I hate pumping, but I have to admit this pump is pretty fancy.


I started pumping in the morning after the first feed to build my back to work/mommy’s freedom stash.

I previously used the Pump in Style Advanced, which did the job JUST FINE, but this time I bought my pump from a friend and this is one she had. At first I was confused (I still don’t know what all the attachments are for – I’m sure I could read the directions, but eh), but it’s so portable it’s amazing! I also like that it tells me how long I’ve been pumping. So for me, it’s definitely been worth the upgrade!

TV Routine

I’ve been out of work for less than 3 weeks, but I already have a TV “routine.” It goes like this: Good Morning America, Live with Kelly & Michael, Today Show, Supernatural — and in the afternoon Ellen, Friends, and Veronica Mars.


These TV people are my friends.

What’s your favorite daytime TV show to watch?

Friends and Family

I am really not cut out to be a stay at home mom – so emailing, texting, and hanging out with friends and family (even when I can’t necessarily form full sentences or have a full thought because I am so exhausted) really helps me get through the LONG and sometimes lonely days!





The Good Stuff

If I drank more than a glass I would pass out (from being exhausted), but it’s nice to relax with a glass of wine before bed these days.

My friend Tracy bought me this as an early birthday present….


I’m pretty sure I won’t be able to fill and finish this glass anytime soon (unless a few people are helping me), but it’s pretty amazing, right?

It just needs a name a la Cougar Town

Ergo Baby Carrier

Normally, I’m a fan of the Moby Wrap – but this time around I tried out the Ergo right away (this purchase is thanks to many giftcards to Babies R Us!) and E is a huge fan. I’m able to pop him in there to cook dinner and go grocery shopping. E is big enough and has enough head control so I don’t need to use the infant insert.


Bumbleride Stroller


The boy loves being outside and being in this stroller. If he’s fussy (and not hungry/wet), popping him in for a short walk is a miracle!

Sleep Sheep

Morning baby spam: chillin with his friends. He loves the heartbeat sound from his Sleep Sheep.

He LOOOOVES the heartbeat sound of the Sleep Sheep. It’s not obnoxious either and it turns off after 20 minutes. *Love*

Sooo…. I’m pretty sure I am there are 1000 things that have gotten me through these first two and a half weeks that I’m forgetting… but it all goes by in a blur, I thought I would document the stuff that I CAN remember. Are you a mom? What got you through the first few weeks (any tips? It’s been a while!!)?  

Now back to chugging the coffee while I have two free hands…

Disclosure: All of the items mentioned here were either purchased by me, or were gifts from friends/family. None of the links are affiliate either – so go ahead and click them :) Also, if there are major typos in this post – just ignore them, please. This is one time I can blame it on major sleep deprivation going on here!

We also love the Ergo carrier, Sleep Sheep, and COFFEE! I’m so glad I decided to start drinking coffee again. It’s done wonders for my energy levels in the morning. I just got a Wubbanub for Hunter, and I’m excited to see how he likes it!
Ashley @ My Food N Fitness Diaries recently posted..05/30: Thursday Thoughts

  • I can’t believe you weren’t drinking it those first few weeks!! I’m sure you felt like a zombie!

    I can’t wait to see Hunter with his wubbnub :)

  • Denise P. says:

    He looks so much like B in that first picture.

    This is another post I’ll bookmark for the future.

  • Thanks for all these!! They will help so much come November when my little one will arrive:)

  • Love this list, and I’m sure I’ll be coming back to reference it soon enough. I’ve heard great things about the Ergo and got one myself so am excited to use it. Love Evan and his adorable cheeks!
    Jen recently posted..37 weeks (+ 2 days)

  • Good job making another cute kid. Your kids make me think I *might* want one. Just maybe.

    I’m embarrassed to say this, but the Steve Harvey show is surprisingly addicting. Don’t mock it until you try it. I’m also a Today Show girl–especially the 4th hour with Kathie Lee and Hoda, but mostly Hoda.
    Melissa recently posted..Training Update

    • You will totally have adorable kids. Please have one or two so I can come visit you and kidnap them!

      I might have to watch that one too — Steve Harvey was on Ellen the other day and he was so personable. I really like Hoda – but have a low tolerance for Kathie Lee.

  • The ergo is the best ! We also use an old iPhone and a white noise app. The tv thing is so true. When I was home with him I’d watch the today show, and then The old adventures of new Christine and Ellen. Never watched so much TV before. I built up a huge stash too before I went back to work and when we went to Palm Springs for Christmas my husband left the freezer open and it was destroyed. I didn’t think I could cry that much. Luckily, I was able to kind of get it back of up but it was frustrating and smelled disgusting.

    • I’m kinda sad I can’t have the same schedule on the weekends. Having other kids really puts the kink into that schedule :)

      OMG on losing your stash!! I would definitely be crying.

      I had to throw out a ton with Braeden b/c I we just had our tiny freezer – but with Livie we bought a freezer and have it in our garage.

  • I can’t get over how cute E is!!! I love seeing all of the pictures you post & see his cute little personality shine through in the faces he makes.
    Ara recently posted..Tough Training Week

  • Coffee gets me through it! That’s about it for now, hehe.
    Natalie @ Will Jog For Food recently posted..Mind & Body After Baby: 6 Weeks

  • Evan is too cute. I am also taking notes for when baby Marron arrives in July. I feel like there is so much to figure out.
    Heather recently posted..Hunting Houses

  • I love everything in this post. I love the color of your stroller – it’s so pretty! We also use the Ergo all the time. It’s such a life-saver. I love all of his pictures! He’s really filling out already! The Freestyle pump looks fancy. I have the Pump in Style. I had a really crappy pump with my first and I decided to invest in a decent pump this time. I love that thing. I mean as much as a person can love a machine that attaches to your nipples, lol. A good pump makes a huge difference.
    Kristen recently posted..Race Recap: Musical Madness 5K

    • It’s the stroller a pretty color?? I love it!

      E is already filling out. Kinda makes me sad because I love it when they are new and all wrinkly — although I do love baby chub as well!

      And yes a GOOD pump really makes SUCH a difference. It’s worth the extra $ to make pumping just a little bit easier!

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