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Welcome! I've always had crazy legs, but recently they started running and haven't stopped. I'm a working mom (to two) & wife (to one) who somehow became a runner. I enjoy reading, cooking, running (duh), watching TV, spending time with my family & friends, and drinking wine. I try to live a fulfilling life in moderation and this is my journey!

Happppy Friday!!

I am so looking forward to this weekend. We have plans to visit my dad (and the beach!), I have a 13-mile long run with my group, some quality blogging time with Paula (like it or not – she’s going self-hosted), some quality time with my family, and of course the Superbowl. (Go [...]

Holiday weeks throw me off a bit. They always feel like they are so much longer than they really are. I could have sworn that yesterday was Friday. All day I thought – thank goodness tomorrow is the weeke…DAMN it’s only Thursday. Well, FINALLY it IS Friday. Not a moment too soon.

So one of [...]

Woo-hoo — it’s the last Friday of 2011! One more run, one more day of work, and one last night Friday night before 2012.

While I don’t do resolutions, I do like to review my accomplishments of the past year and build on them. I have to admit 2011 was pretty GREAT year and I [...]

We made it to Friday!! I don’t know about you, but I need a little funny in my life today….

Disclaimer – I am easily amused.

1. Look at the picture…you’ll see it.

2. Right?

3. Sometimes I feel like it’s going to end like this…

4. This is why I was [...]

In honor of Halloween on Monday – here are some of my favorite costumes over the years…

1. Geisha Girl & Mullet Boy

Seriously – check out this mullet

2. Buzz and my Ballerina = <3

3. White Trash Girl vs other Super Heroes (including He-Man)

4. Angel vs. [...]

Happy Friday!!

{Ok, not really. Well, maybe for AFTER my 20-miler on Sunday!}

So last night’s book club was really fun. I was really interested how each person felt about the book and was impressived at how we all managed to respect each others opinions on the topic. No hair pulling or girl fights. [...]

Happy Friday!

This week has flown by entirely too fast. I admit, I’m somewhat in a funk today. Too much going on, paired with not enough sleep OR exercise makes me cranky. Due to this, today you get the top five (random) things on my mind.

1. Damn these [...]

Heeeeellllllooo September and Happy Friday!

September is going to be an INSANE month. I am basically taking as many deep breaths as I can right now because things are about to go FULL throttle.

Here are the top 5 things I am looking forward to this month:

1. NASA Tweetup – I don’t think I [...]

Happy Friday!!!

Today you get random thoughts from Michelle…You’re welcome.

1. How do you pronounce aspartame?

{I *think* it’s the latter}

2. These are some of my favorite {newish to me} bloggers right now….

Foodie Fresh And Her Little Dog Too (I dreamt about this Mac n Cheese) Swim Bike Mom Running Peanut A [...]

While it was good to be away and I love MA with every fiber of my being, Orlando is my home and it’s where my heart is.

I didn’t always love Orlando. I was bitter for a long time about leaving. I hated living here throughout middle school and high school. I left as fast [...]