Addicted to TV {Apple TV Review}


Have you heard of Apple TV? I’ve heard it mentioned in passing and envisioned a big TV with Mac capability that cost a fortune. Obviously, I had never researched it or thought it would be something that I would need or like. I was wrong. Staples contacted me a few weeks ago and wanted to [...]

Things Lately


I’ve kind of lost track of what day it is… how is it possible that it’s already Memorial Day Weekend?? 1. Things here have been pretty low key. I’ve mostly been sitting on the couch with a baby hanging off my boob. A few times this week I’ve managed to shower, get dressed, and put [...]

Evan’s Birth Story {or How to Have The Unplanned Drug-Free Birth You Never Wanted}


Thank you all for all of the sweetest messages, comments, and tweets about Evan’s birth!! I am overwhelmed by the love and support and working on replying to all of you That said – this post is not for people who don’t want to know about childbirth. I really didn’t hold back on the details, [...]

The Best Mother’s Day Gift


This weekend didn’t go exactly as planned. Friday I went to dinner and then the movies with Jackie Jovi and my friend Tracy to see The Great Gatsby (sidenote: I know there’s a lot of negative reviews out there — but I liked it!). During the movie (during which, we were in the 2nd row) [...]

Weekend Ups and Downs


Happy Due Date week to me! This weekend was ┬ádefinitely full of ups and downs… and by that I mean my hormones. They are off the wall. It started on Friday. My once intern, Cheyanne, was graduating from UCF… So we celebrated with shots of Patron in the office (obviously, I had MANY shots) and [...]