Auld Lang Syne: 2012

I’m not going to recap my year because — well — that’s why I have a blog. It’s already recapped (so enjoy some random pictures of some of my favorite memories instead!). Now can we talk about how 2012 is already over??? Here are some of my highlights…. I dubbed 2012 as the year of travel [...]

The Night My Car Was Christened

puke in car

Saturday night was my annual work holiday party. Last year we had the party in the upstairs area of a restaurant where we got 2 free drink tickets and then we had to pay (but if I recall correctly, we all ended up drinking for free by the end of the night). My hair was [...]

Kids Do (and Say) the Darndest Things

Sometimes being a parent is not what you expect. OK, maybe more than some of the time  – try like 85% of the time. As much as I complain about the tantrums, the flip-the-coin decisions, and the crazy behavior – there are moments in parenthood that continue to both surprise me and crack me up. [...]

Never Forget

Towers of Light

11 years later and it still elicits raw memories and tears.  The people we lost are forever in our hearts. The impact the attacks made have touched each and every one of us – American or not. Rather than focusing on the attacks themselves, I choose to remember that good people still exist. While buildings [...]

Going Back to Tally

We left Saturday morning for Tallahassee. After a late night at Disney on Ice with Jackie Jovi – I wasn’t sure what time we’ve get on the road, but since my kids seem to be morning people (I have no idea where they got this trait) we were on the road by 9. I’m not [...]