Everything I’ve Forgotten and What I’m Afraid Of

34 weeks

So, this whole baby thing is really happening soon, huh? I feel like I only post side shots… I look bigger from the front! I’m kinda half in denial, but lately my thoughts have drifted towards thoughts on the baby’s arrival. I’d love to tell you I am fully prepared, but that would be a [...]

Five for Friday


1. My first ever giveaway is closed and I’m excited to announce the winners! Thanks to everyone who entered! I hope you all will still sign up for bootcamp (remember today is the last day before the price increase!). All winners have been contacted via the email address you provided. Please let me know if you [...]


And just like that… you are four. My little lady… Full of sass, determination, and confidence. Stubborn and defiant. Sweet and loyal. The cuddliest kid I know. I was worried about three, but you proved me wrong. It was a year full of growth and change, but also a lot of laughter and fun. You [...]

Boobs, Breastfeeding, and Pumps


I got some bad news yesterday (<–slightly dramatic statement): Unless my baby is born premature (no thanks), has a problem sucking (again, no thanks), or is a multiple (pretty sure that’s not possible) they won’t reimburse me/pay for a breast pump. Woomp, woomp. Now, I don’t normally expect insurance to cover such things – but [...]



Happy St. Patrick’s Day!! If you follow me on Instagram, you know that this is the only green I have on my wardrobe right now – and I wore it to spin class. At least I made the effort! I didn’t intentionally plan it – but I have been really taking advantage of being pampered [...]