Five Reasons You Should Go See Iron Man 3


On Monday night, I had the pleasure of taking B to a press screening of Iron Man 3. (Source) I questioned my sanity on taking an almost 7-year to see the movie without screening it first, but then realized that a) I would probably let him go see it anyway (he’s seen all of the [...]

Four Score and Seven Years Ago… {Lincoln Movie Review}

When I think of Abraham Lincoln three things come to mind 1) honest 2) abolishing slavery and 3) Gettysburg Address. I actually love history (we’ve discussed how I am a nerd, right?), but going into this movie I had a very simple view of Abraham Lincoln. I have now been enlightened. What I discovered and loved [...]

Three Things Thursday

1. I feel like the school year just started – but report cards for the first quarter came home yesterday. How is that possible? The good news is that I feel like less of a failure of a parent this year. B’s teacher had nothing but nice things to say about him – including how [...]

“I’m Gonna Wreck It!” {Wreck-It Ralph Review}


Two weeks ago I had the opportunity to see an advanced screening of Disney’s newest animated film: Wreck-It Ralph. We’ve actually been talking about this movie in our house for months – it’s right up the boys alley – so almost everyone was excited to go. So, how can I explain this movie? Well, for [...]

Busy Week

This past week was a blur. I have been busy before — busier in fact than last week — but last week really knocked me on my ass and I’m still recovering. It started slow on Monday – and thankfully I went to bed early because the rest of the week I was not so [...]