The Entitlement of a Drug-Free Birth


I’m not going to sugarcoat it. Giving birth is painful. I don’t care what anyone says, or what kind of birth you have – there’s no way to avoid the pain. It’s part of the tradeoff that women make to hold a beautiful baby in their arms. A baby who knows you from your voice [...] could be your source for cheap Tickets for Bob Seger & The Silver Bullet Band, Maroon 5, Magic! & Rozzi Crane, at is a perfect site for Tickets in Santander Arena, Reading for Skillet & Third Day at Santander Arena Tickets also for Justin Moore, Randy Houser & Josh Thompson.

Evan’s Birth Story {or How to Have The Unplanned Drug-Free Birth You Never Wanted}


Thank you all for all of the sweetest messages, comments, and tweets about Evan’s birth!! I am overwhelmed by the love and support and working on replying to all of you That said – this post is not for people who don’t want to know about childbirth. I really didn’t hold back on the details, [...]

The Best Mother’s Day Gift


This weekend didn’t go exactly as planned. Friday I went to dinner and then the movies with Jackie Jovi and my friend Tracy to see The Great Gatsby (sidenote: I know there’s a lot of negative reviews out there — but I liked it!). During the movie (during which, we were in the 2nd row) [...]

Five for Friday – Things Not to Say to an Overdue Pregnant Woman {Revisted}


Two years ago, I wrote this post…   At the time, my coworker was very, very pregnant and I felt for her. To update, she ended up delivering her son a week late, after being induced (IS THIS CONTAGIOUS?? I only have a handful of friends who have gone into labor on their own). This [...]

Baby Update #10: 40 Weeks – Happy Due Date!


Guess what today is?? It’s my due date!! The big 4-0 (weeks) is here… and I’m still pregnant. Yeah, I’m not surprised about this. There tends to be a pattern when it comes to labor/delivery and unfortunately, I am on the 40w+ side of things. I guess my uterus is just super comfy. Or something. [...]

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