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Welcome! I've always had crazy legs, but recently they started running and haven't stopped. I'm a working mom (to two) & wife (to one) who somehow became a runner. I enjoy reading, cooking, running (duh), watching TV, spending time with my family & friends, and drinking wine. I try to live a fulfilling life in moderation and this is my journey!

As I said previously said in my 2 second review of Marvel’s The Avenger’s — I loved it.

I say this as someone who is so NOT a fangirl of superhero movies. In fact, I am almost ashamed to admit that prior to this movie out of all of the superheroes features [...]

Last night, I had the extreme pleasure of joining Paula to a blogger event she was invited to at Hillstone.

When she asked me to go I pretty much jumped around in my seat. I might have danced. I’ve been to Hillstone once before – last year for my brother’s birthday. It [...]

Where to begin?

I guess at 4:15 when my alarm went off to remind me (as well as Paula and Melissa) that it was a race day! We had a whole night of shenanigans that I will recap tomorrow (I just really wanted to recap the race while it was fresh on my mind). Bottom [...]

Oh Happy Weekend!! It was a low key Saturday — nothing special, but I had a really great day today with the kids. It might be because they behaved while we were out and about and they didn’t fight (and actually played together) when we were home. The naps helped too

For dinner tonight [...]

Last night I saw The Help.

And I ended up looking like this throughout the majority of the movie…

{I think we ever share the same shade of blonde}

Thank goodness movie theaters are dark.

It’s been more than a year since I read The Help, so the actual details of the book [...]

When I was pregnant with L I frequently heard that the 2nd child was going to be forgotten.

Let me tell you… In no way has she been forgotten. If you’ve met L you will quickly realize she is not someone who could NEVER be forgotten, but I do think I’ve slacked a little on [...]

Thank you to Cube Dog for sponsoring this review. For more information about Cube Dog please visit the Facebook page or download it on iTunes.

Here’s the thing. I like dogs, but I don’t want to LIVE with dogs. They just aren’t my thing. I’m not a dog person. (please don’t hurt me!) My [...]

My chiropractor had the movie King Corn playing at today’s appointment. This movie is a documentary about two friends who move to Greene, Iowa and grow corn. Sounds amazing, right?

Actually, it’s pretty interesting and at times gruesome. Ian Cheney and Curt Ellis move to Iowa to grow corn. They convince a local [...]

Neti Pot, neti pot — how do I love thee? Let me count the ways…

The other day I mentioned the neti pot in my whiny post about not feeling good — and Paula asked “What’s a neti pot?” Oh Paula, I have so much to teach you…

A little over 2 years ago — [...]

Ahoy there mateys!

In case you were wondering (because I had no idea) the name Gasparilla comes from Jose Gaspar – a (supposed) pirate from Southwest Florida. Every year Tampa celebrates the Gasparilla Pirate Festival that takes place the first weekend in February. The Gasparilla Distance Classic weekend (sponsered by Publix and Sports Authority) [...]