Weekend Ups and Downs


Happy Due Date week to me! This weekend was  definitely full of ups and downs… and by that I mean my hormones. They are off the wall. It started on Friday. My once intern, Cheyanne, was graduating from UCF… Zac Brown Band Tickets So we celebrated with shots of Patron in the office (obviously, I had MANY shots) and [...]

Weekend Recap


No, I haven’t had the baby yet. See? Now that that’s out of the way – let me tell you about my weekend. Friday was uneventful. I skipped my workout after work (it’s hard to work out when you leave the work out clothes at home) and went shopping instead. I know I am thoroughly ready for [...]

Indulgent & Relaxing Weekend


This weekend I stuffed my face, treated myself to a pedicure, hung out with friends, and basically just tried to relax. I wasn’t seriously concerned about going into labor while we were at our friends house (3 hours away from my Doctors/hospita!), but it was always a possibly. The good news is that we are [...]

Weekend Full of Hormones


This weekend was pretty low key and that’s probably a good thing. We did a lot of the usual stuff – baseball, dance, and the gym and did a lot of relaxing when I got the chance. I even managed to take a nap yesterday – which in hindsight probably wasn’t a brilliant idea because [...]

Weekend Recap – Out Like a Lion!


Another weekend in the books – and the end of March! How’d that happen? I hope everyone (who celebrates) had a great Easter. My weekend started out like this… Yes, L passed out on the floor at 5pm on Friday. I was actually at the gym when this happened. I didn’t really know how the rest [...]